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For nearby Canterbury residents the convenience of our dental practice is well known. Our goal is to offer you the best quality dental care in a calming, pleasant environment near eastern Canterbury. With the use of the latest materials and technologies, our dedicated team of dentists provide quality treatment, whilst caring for you with respect, dignity and compassion.

Our location within close proximity to the Junction shopping area provides Canterbury residents with easy access to patients from Canterbury. Originally built in 1974, our modern practice facilities have been updated and kept in impeccable condition with constant maintenance and improvement, and offer the highest standards in dental technology. Our goal is to offer you the best quality dental care in a calming, pleasant environment, and we are proud to offer patients the full range of general dental services, including crowns and veneers, tooth whitening, implant dentistry, and root canal therapy.

We are proud to offer a complete range of dental services within our practice. In addition to this we can also provide you with a specialist referral if necessary.  Your dentist can arrange this for you following a treatment consultation.

For patients looking to make their appointment even more relaxing, our dentists are able to offer treatment during the administration of nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

The total range of services we provide includes:

Preventative Dentistry
We offer oral hygiene instruction, professional cleanings, periodontal (gum disease)  management, dietary advice, mouthguards, night splints, decay diagnosis using laser technology, fluoride treatments and saliva testing when appropriate.

General Dentistry
We offer all general dental treatment, such as, fillings, repair of broken teeth and  relief of jaw pain,  gum pain or toothache,  for adults and children.

Crown and bridgework
Porcelain or Gold restorations that offer complete protection and restored function.  Crowns can protect one single tooth and bridges can replace missing teeth by using the adjacent teeth as support.  

Implant dentistry 
Implant technology can offer a long-term replacement option to permanently replace one or more missing teeth. 

Aesthetic  (Cosmetic) Dentistry
Improving smiles with the use of tooth coloured restorations and aesthetic techniques to improve the overall appearance of your smile.  Examples include Porcelain & Composite Veneers, Crowns and Snap On Smile.

Tooth bleaching 
Dramatic improvement can be achieved using safe and effective tooth bleaching systems. 

Children and adult orthodontic treatment to improve function, tooth alignment or prepare for extensive restorative treatment, orthodontics can improve your profile and you ability to maintain effective oral hygiene. A referral to an orthodontist can be discussed to ensure the best outcome for the individuals needs. 

Pain management for Craniomandibular disorders
Diagnosis and treatment for facial pain, joint disorders and night grinding.

Snoring and sleep apnoea 
Treatment therapy to reduce snoring.  Screening and treatment for sleep apnoea including referrals to a specialist sleep centre and if appropriate, construction of a mandibular advancement splint.  Dr Magee is the main provider of this care.

Root canal therapy (Endodontics)
Saving diseased or fractured teeth using root canal therapy.

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